Memorial City Mall (Houston, TX)

The LED Lighting renovation of the parking lot lights at Memorial City Mall has been a true tribute to the value of 'Thinking outside the box' and innovation. The result: A payback (ROI) in 2.2 years and substantially improved lighting. "We're getting corners lit that have always been dark," said one security person at the site.

The savings were primarily due to the replacement of 285 1000-watt metal halide lights with 284-watt LEDs plus the savings in maintenance costs - the lights come with a ten-year warranty.

Putting together the right solution for this account was a challenge because the owners wanted to keep their current fixtures, and no wonder as they were still in excellent condition and not inexpensive. After visiting with several LED lighting distributors, we decided to enlist a local lighting manufacturer, XtraLight, and they accepted the challenge. The result is the lights look great, they are far more efficient, and it will be years before any of them need replacing.